Richard-kcwa-webI am a visual artist.

My relationship with art is constantly evolving; spanning time, materials and creative ideas. I spent twelve years working in fashion drawing, producing custom pieces and dressing drag queens. I then began to experiment with steel, wood and paper. It was out of this time that my design chairs and benches appeared. I later expanded my drawings, started making JacketBags and increased my focus on photography. I use recycled items in much of my work and am inspired by simplicity. Expressing myself through multiple mediums has allowed me to convey critical observations of contemporary understandings of consumerism, happiness and individuality.

I find inspiration in everyday objects and work to transform them into something new, thus provoking the viewer to think about where the materials come from and how we use them. There is a sense of freedom that comes from expanding beyond preconceived limits of objects functionality.

I am motivated by the desire of living simply, plugging in to the present and enjoying the little things in life. Take a moment to peruse my gallery and enjoy the variety of art here.